Why Best vastu consultant in Kolkata don’t recommend main gate in the Np 2 pada?

You must have heard from Best vastu consultant in Kolkatathat in general having the main gate in the north side is an auspicious thing and rightly so, it is. But do you know that the accurate location of the gate is also very important for ensuring the good vastu of the gate and overall property.

There are 8 padas in north side which are nothing but smaller segments having individual feature. Out of these 8 padas, 4 are considered as positive, but north pada 2 is not one of them. The np 2 entry possess some side effects about which we will learn shortly in the following section.

You should be aware of the fact that the placement of the main gate holds significant importance in its vastu. After all, it serves as the primary point of entry for energy into any property, be it home or office. According to Best vastu consultant in Kolkatathe main gate in the Np 2 pada is considered as a negative entrance which can adversely affect the mindset, productivity, and overall well-being of the residents. In this blog, we will discuss these side effects and their correction remedies.

Feeling various emotions from good to bad ones is a part and parcel of human lives. On one hand it helps us feel blessed during our happy times; on the other hand, it enables us to test our limits and be stronger and more confident. Emotion of fear is one of them.

Dealing with fear and overcoming them eventually is necessary to grow up. Sometimes, fear can also protect us against doing something reckless and dangerous. So what seems to be the problem you might wonder? Well, there is a big difference between rational and irrational fear.

Main gate placement in the Np 2 pada can manifest irrational fear and paranoia among the residents, adds Best vastu consultant in Kolkata. Due to this they may feel constantly be uneased, because of anticipating potential threats or harm from perceived enemies. This makes them stay at heightened vigilance and this anxiety can take a toll on their mental and emotional well-being. As a result, it impacts their ability to focus, make decisions, and perform effectively in their personal and professional lives.

The lingering fear of enemies and perceived jealousy fosters a toxic mindset which does nothing useful. In contrast it might undermines productivity and success. Please note that it is not 100% certain that such problem will occur for residents if their property’s main gate is present in the NP 2, but the chances of its occurrence is very high.

Importance of Timely Correction

Addressing the adverse effects of main gate placement in the Np 2 pada requires timely intervention and correction to restore balance and harmony within the living environment. Vastu consultants can offer guidance and remedies to realign the energy flow and mitigate the negative influences associated with this placement. By implementing corrective measures at the right time, residents can alleviate fear, dispel paranoia, and create a more conducive atmosphere for growth and well-being.

If you are still in designing or building phase then the best solution will be to change the gate from north pada 2 to some positive ones. Thankfully doing this is very easy since the neighboring pada np 3, 4, 5 are all positive along with np 8. Not only these padas have no side effects, but instead it will have several benefits as well. The leading Best vastu consultant in Kolkata can tell you the precise spots of them all which you should follow specifically so that you get most advantage.

Irrational fear is certainly very harmful even being intangible since it can wield a profound influence over our lives. It is responsible for casting shadows of doubt, anxiety, and limitation in our minds.  This can surface in many forms like past traumas, societal conditioning, or unfounded beliefs etc.

Irrational fear, if not corrected on time will act as a barrier to growth. It will also prevent us from seizing opportunities and pursuing our dreams. Due to fear, we will steer clear from challenges, avoid taking risks, and settle for mediocre standard. This limits our personal and professional development.

Shadows of irrational fear can take away the good standard of life, robs us of joy, fulfillment, and mental peace. People might constantly anticipate the worst-case scenario, which causes stress, anxiety, and dissatisfaction, eroding our overall well-being and happiness.

In many cases having long term irrational fear can strain relationships as well. It occurs due to distrust, defensiveness, and emotional unavailability. Negative emotions like avoidance, suspicion, and controlling others are main reason to hamper trust and intimacy, leading to isolation and loneliness, warns Best vastu consultant in Kolkata.

Resolution through vastu tips

Having irrational fear might not seem like a major issue to many, but it is important to resolute it on time. The leading vastuvid can correct it by attracting positive vibration near the main gate. It includes keeping snake plant on each side of the gate. Place a bowlful of vastu salt near the gate to absorb the negative energy that is otherwise generated in here.

Keeping the main gate and its surrounding clean and junk free is yet another simple but effective way of correcting this defect. For some vastu you might need a special item for added benefit. This can be obtained from expert vastuvid.

As you can see, having irrational fear can ruin many positive things in our lives be it professional or personal growth, fulfillment to relationships and more. If you are going through something similar then it is important to address it soon.

Main gate placement in the Np 2 pada, as per Best vastu consultant in Kolkata is considered to have minor but yet detrimental effects on the mindset of its occupants. If it is not corrected on the right time, it can deteriorate your productivity and overall well-being of the residents, because of negative emotions like fear, paranoia, and insecurity. Thankfully, timely correction and mitigation measures can entirely neutralize these negative side effects.

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